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Grants Management and Planning Team

The City of Eudora Emergency Shelter

The G.C. John’s school campus closed in 2007 and later was donated to the City of Eudora. The upper and lower school buildings were dilapidated and unable to be used, but the cluster of attached buildings containing the gym and a community room were in decent condition. The building containing the current emergency shelter was erected in 1968. The City of Eudora designed it as an emergency shelter for severe weather conditions. The building was in adequate condition to protect the citizens in the event of a severe storm, but many updates and renovation threats needed to make the emergency shelter to be fully functional as a heating and cooling center. The most pressing issue was ADA compliance and a heating and cooling unit. The city of Eudora learned of the General Assistance Grant program which was designed to provide cities and counties with the opportunity to apply for grant assistance for a variety of public infrastructure and public projects. Since all projects must address a national objective for the community development Block Grant (CDBG): benefit to persons of low to moderate income, elimination of conditions of slum and blight, or assistance in addressing an urgent community need, the city met the national objective to benefit to persons of low to moderate-income by having a low-to-moderate income percentage of 66.2% making them eligible to apply for grant funding.

Lance Powell, CEA Engineering designed the project.