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Community development is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems. Community Development can be applied to various aspects of communities, such as civic leadership, community service, community organizing, and community economic development.

Community Development aims to build stronger and more resilient communities by empowering individuals and groups with the skills and resources they need to effect change within their communities.

Community development has various benefits for our communities, such as improving the quality of life, enhancing social opportunities and innovation.  It can also address various challenges and issues that affect communities such as poverty, inequality, health, education, environment, and culture.


We need plans to help shape the future and improve the quality of life within our communities.   Plans can guide how we use our resources, land, and infrastructure, how we protect our environment and heritage, how we provide public services, and how we foster social and economic development. Plans also address the challenges and opportunities we face such as population growth, health, education, natural hazards, and climate change.

Planning is a process that involves citizens and community leaders, and stakeholders working together to make a difference in our lives. Planning can support community development and generate solutions to problems within our communities.

Grants Management Team